Road Freight Transport Services in Perth

At PM Global, we understand that your daily business needs keep increasing, and you need a road freight logistics partner that will keep up. You can count on us to safely and timely deliver your goods to your preferred destination across all major cities and remote areas in Australia. We have an extensive lineup of vehicles equipped with modern features to transport any cargo.

Australia is a big country, and we’re often contracted to assist with the interstate transportation of goods by road. This is usually relevant to the mining industry where oversized equipment and loads can’t be transported using most of the liner services, or their remote location makes road freight the most effective solution available.

Our Road Freight Transport Services

PM Global offers a wide variety of road freight transport services for residential and commercial shippers. These include:

  • Road to airport/rail/sea freight logistics
  • Express delivery for clients who need urgent shipping
  • Transport of dangerous, refrigerated and bulk goods
  • Third-party shipping
  • Transportation of oversized and out-of-gauge cargo
  • Transport of industrial waste
  • Partial load, full load and groupage transport
  • Door-to-door consumer deliveries of goods

Benefits of Road Freight Services

Road transport companies are used in most parts of Australia — and for a good reason. By choosing road freight over air, rail and sea freight, you get to enjoy the following benefits:


Road freight relies on existing high-quality infrastructure and affordable transport machinery, making it often cheaper than air, rail and sea freight, especially over short distances.


Road freight can accommodate last-minute schedules and route changes more easily than rail and air transport. Urgent deliveries are also possible because vehicles can use roads at any time of the day or night without prior booking.

Door-to-Door Delivery

With road freight, cargo can be picked from the manufacturing site and carried to its final destination without involving other modes of transport. This is because road freight transport in Australia connects all areas, from remote towns to big cities like Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.
Even if your business or home is near an airport or train station, you’ll always need heavy vehicle road transport for the final or initial leg of the delivery.

Intermodal Transport

Delivery vans and trucks used in road freight transport can be transported by sea or rail from one place to another. In addition to saving time, this lessens the risk of damage to goods since intermediate loading and off-loading are not required.

Why Choose PM Global?

Here’s why you should consider choosing PM Global for your road freight needs:

You can easily request our road freight services by phone or online with simple instructions.

Our professional team will take care of the required paperwork on your behalf and ensure your cargo is delivered to your preferred destination without any delays.

We will consider the size of your cargo and the various specifications of your business when choosing a road freight service that suits your budget and needs.
We offer high-quality road freight services at affordable prices
For metropolitan LCL deliveries we provide tracking information through our suppliers’ online platforms to help you monitor the progress of your delivery.
We will take care of the delivery of your cargo from start to finish through our trusted network of suppliers.
We have worked with hundreds of clients over the years and earned a reputation as one of Australia’s best road transport contractors.

Road Freight FAQs

What does road freight mean?

Road freight refers to the transportation of goods by road using motor vehicles.

What are the advantages of road freight?

Road freight enables door-to-door delivery of goods in a cost-effective manner. Additionally, road freight requires less capital expenditure for new entrants, can service rural areas and is a much more flexible transport method than sea and air freight.

Road Freight Experts in Perth

If you’re looking for reliable road freight services in Perth and its environs, don’t hesitate to contact PM Global. We will tailor the ideal service to suit your needs regardless of the cargo you intend to transport. Contact us today for a free quote.

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