Rail freight transport services, Perth

Australian businesses use many different transport options to bring cargo to every part of the country. One of the most popular options is rail freight.

PM Global offers dependable rail freight transport services to countless Australian businesses. We are based in Western Australia but have created an extensive network of rail freight suppliers across all territories and states in Australia. Using railroad transport in Perth can help companies improve their bottom line.

Why Choose PM Global?

Australian businesses prefer using PM Global for their rail freight services for a variety of reasons:

What is rail freight?

Rail freight transport is a transportation system that relies on trains and railroads to transport cargo overland. Railroad transport has served businesses in Australia for nearly 200 years since the Australian Agricultural Company created the country’s first railway.

Rail freight transport is provided by private organisations, unlike roadways, which the government maintains. Therefore, it is one of the best examples of a free-market transport system.

What are the advantages of rail freight?

Rail freight transport is preferable to road and air transport for various reasons. Some of the most significant benefits are listed below.

Rail freight can be more cost-effective than most other transport options

Rail transport can be more cost effective than air and road transport, depending on the type of cargo and the origin/destination. Part of the reason is due to economies of scale. Companies can ship much larger cargo volumes, which is comparatively more inexpensive for fuel. Rail transport also requires fewer drivers for the quantity of cargo they are transporting, which reduces labour costs.

Rail freight is highly secure

Very few customers report thefts when using rail container transport. This is because thieves have difficulty getting close enough to a train to access the cargo, and unloading the load is even more difficult.

Rail will generally involve the transportation of FCL (Full Container Load) cargo. LCL (Less than Container Load) or oversize would commonly go on the road, again depending on origin and destination given that they will still need road freight at each end.

Therefore, shippers are less likely to have their cargo stolen from rail transport than trucks.


Rail freight is more timely and likely to meet deadlines

Unlike trucks, trains do not have to share their transport lines with other vehicles. Therefore, they are less likely to be hindered by traffic congestion. They are also easy to operate in the winter. As a result, they can travel at more consistent speeds and are less likely to miss arrival deadlines.

Rail freight is better for the environment

Trains can carry higher volumes of cargo for the same amount of fuel. Many are also powered by electricity. Therefore, they are much more eco-friendly than other transport options.

Does Australia have freight trains?

Australia has many freight trains used to transport cargo throughout the country. The average freight train is between 1,500 and 1,800 metres long.

Austrade reports that Australia has one of the world’s most sophisticated and dependable rail freight industries. The Australian rail industry employs over 142,000 people to provide exceptional rail transport services. Therefore, eco-friendly companies may want to use railroad transportation companies.

The Australian rail network is currently 33,000 route kilometres long. The rail network is impeccably maintained so that trains can deliver cargo very efficiently.

Is rail freight better than road freight?

Rail freight is highly cost-effective, timely, environmentally friendly and capable of handling very large volumes of cargo. However, there are still instances when road transport is preferable.
For example, companies might need to transport cargo with trucks when they have small loads or need to ship cargo within a couple of days over short distances.
Rail would be a preferable option for the interstate transportation of full container loads (FCL).

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